Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Floral Shawls

This are collective Floral Shawl. It have different price depends on the shawls.

Red Floral: RM10

Yellow: RM7
Rainbow: RM7
Pink Glitter: RM16

Pink Line: RM9
Orange Line RM9
** Take both for only RM15!

Pink Floral: RM10

MultiColour Stripy:RM15

Yellow Stripy: RM15
**Take both Multicolour Stripy and Yellow Stripy for RM25!

Brown Floral: RM10

Green Floral: RM12

Tudung Instant Rose Morocco!

Tudung Instant Rose Morocco : RM29 (including postage)

**Colour may be different sebab flash. TQ!**

Army Green

Pink Purple


Striking Blue

Dark Brown


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inner Cotton

*Inner Cotton*

RM7 only!

IC01: Light Blue

IC02: Maroon

IC03: Black SOLD

IC04: Teal

IC05: Purple SOLD

IC06: Peach

IC07: Turquiose

IC08: Grey

IC09: Red

IC10: Light Brown

IC11: Misty Blue

IC12: Yellow

IC13: Green Seaweed

IC14: Dark Purple

IC15: Orange

IC16: White

IC17: Green SOLD

Plain Shawls~



Hot & Gorgeous Plain Shawl~

A must have item. :) Order now!

(The colour may be differ from the original colour especially the light green and peach.)

PS01: Cream

PS02: Mustard Yellow

PS03: Pale Green

PS04: Light Green SOLD

PS05: Teal/LightBlue SOLD

PS06: Misty Blue

PS07: Dark Salmon Red SOLD

PS08: Orange

PS09: Peach SOLD

PS10: Dark Brown SOLD

PS11: Light Brown SOLD

PS12: Pink

PS13: Hot Pink

PS14: Blood Red

PS15: Maroon SOLD

PS16: White

PS17: Black SOLD

PS18: Dark Purple SOLD

PS19: Light Purple

PS20: Super Blue SOLD

Friday, May 27, 2011

Plain Shawls & Inner Cotton!

Plain Shawls just like Hana Tajima and Inner Cotton coming up soon in JUNE~!

Wait for it. :) I'll try to give the best to you. (: